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JDBC - Java Database Connectivity

2 Days

Course Objectives:

Connect your Java client to existing legacy databases using the Java implementation of the ODBC standard. Using JDBC you can connect to one or more of the leading RDBMS available today. Before you start using sockets, datagrams or CGI, to get information out of your corporate DBMS, take a look first at JDBC.

Course Description:

In this course, participants will cover:

  • JDBC architecture

  • connecting to back-end database

  • managing multiple database driver

  • using static and dynamic SQL

  • passing SQL statements and receiving results

  • mapping SQL data type into Java

  • invoking stored procedures

  • issuing asynchronous and synchronous queries

  • maximizing performance with multithreading

  • cursors and transactions

  • working with Database and ResultSet meta data


Moderate degree of Java programming experience. Understanding of networking concepts and their programming interfaces, such as sockets. Basic understanding of SQL and RDMS.

Primary Participants:

Java developers who must write platform-independent distributed business solutions that must connect back-end legacy database systems to the Internet/intranet.

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