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Javascript Programming Essentials

Duration: 5 days

Learn to use Javascript to develop dynamic web applications.

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Course Description

The emphasis in this course is on the use of Javascript to develop dynamic web applications.

Who Needs to Attend:

The course is aimed at those who have little programming experience and who will be adding dynamic content to web pages by incorporating Javascript code.


The course does not require much programming experience, and can, in fact, serve as a good first course in programming.

Course Content:

Background, uses and history of Javascript

  • Versions of JavaScript
  • Client side JavaScript – Executable content in Web Pages
  • JavaScript security
  • Server side JavaScript
Fundamentals of JavaScript programming
  • numbers, strings and other data types
  • variables – typing and declaration
  • operators
    • arithmetic operators
    • equality operators
    • relational operators
    • string operators
    • logical operators
    • assignment operators
  • statements
  • functions
  • choice and selection using
    • if else
    • switch
  • iteration using
    • while and do while
    • for and for in
  • functions
    • defining and invoking
    • passing arguments
Further JavaScript programming
  • Objects
    • constructors
    • methods
    • prototypes and inheritance
  • arrays
    • array methods
  • objects as associative arrays
  • regular expressions
    • string pattern matching
JavaScript on the client side
  • embedding JavaScript in HTML
  • how JavaScript embedded in HTML runs
  • using Java script with windows and frames
  • the Document object and web documents
  • the Form object and building web forms with embedded JavaScript
  • Cookies and cookie handling via JavaScript
  • DOM – the Document Object Model
    • DOM and IE4, IE5
    • DOM and Netscape
    • Cascading style sheets and Dynamic HTML
    • Event handling and DOM Level 2
    • Internet Explorer Event model
    • Netscape Event model
    • JavaScript security