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Oracle HTML DB version 2.0

Duration: 3 days

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the Oracle HTML DB architecture

  • Build a database-centric Web application using Application Builder

  • Set and clear session states

  • Manage database objects using SQL Workshop

  • Import and export data using SQL Workshop

  • Authorize and authenticate users

  • Administer an HTML DB Workspace

Course Topics:

1.       Introduction to Oracle HTML DB version 2.0 

What is Oracle HTML DB?


Software requirements

Architecture and installation


Typical HTML DB applications

Major components

Oracle Resources

2.       HTML DB Functionality

Workspace Concepts

Workspace Login

HTML DB Components

Application Builder Overview

SQL Workshop Overview

Demonstration Applications

3.       Using SQL Workshop

Accessing SQL Workshop

Using Object Browser

Using Query Builder

Executing SQL commands

Working with SQL Scripts

Using SQL Workshop Utilities

4.       Application Builder Basics

Understand the Basics of Application Builder

Application Builder Terms

Methods of Creating an Application

Creating an Application from Scratch

Creating an Application from an Existing Data Model

5.       Forms and Reports

Creating a Form Using a Wizard

Creating Reports Using Wizards

Editing Report Attributes

Creating a Parameterized Report

Creating a Drill Down Report

6.       Working with Pages, Regions and Templates

Page Overview

Editing Page Attributes

Developer Toolbar

Creating a Region

Region Types

Editing Region Attributes

Overview of Templates

Editing a Page Template

7.       Modifying the Application User Interface

Adding Items and Buttons

Controlling Form Layout

Working with Check Boxes

Creating Charts, Calendars, Trees, and a Wizard

Using Page 0

8.   Page Processing

Creating New Processes

Adding Validation

Computations, Branching

Calling a Page URL syntax

Using Variables 

9.      Using Shared Components

Parent and Standard Tabs

Navigation Bars


Breadcrumb Menus

List of Values , Themes and Templates 

10.   Session State

What is a Session State?

HTML DB Session State Implementation

Viewing Session State

Getting and Setting Session State Values

Clearing Session State and Cache Values 

11.   Security Implementation and Deployment

Overview of Security


Creating a Authentication Scheme


Creating an Authentication Scheme

Deploying an Application

12.   HTML DB Workspace Administration

User Roles

Requesting a New Workspace

Managing HTML DB Users

Monitoring Workspace Utilization

Managing Log Report

Administering Session State

Provisioning Services