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WebSphere MQ technical boot camp

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

Coure Objective:

All the major components of WebSphere MQ will be covered in detail through lecture, discussion and hands-on lab sessions. Additionally, this course will closely examine the concepts of messaging and asynchronous processing, which are critical to the successful implementation of WebSphere MQ. Discussions of administration, planning and security will round out the course and the student will leave with a thorough and practical knowledge of WebSphere MQ.


Working knowledge of C or C++ or COBOL Programming as well as general technical computer experience

Course Audience:

This class is designed for technical programmers, analysts, and systems personnel who need to learn how to successfully use WebSphere MQ.

Course Content:

Topics which will be covered include:

  • Introduction to WebSphere MQ

  • Configuring a Local Queue Manager

  • Introduction to the MQI

  • Triggering

  • MQI Clients

  • Queue Manager Clustering

  • System Administration

  • Recovery and Restart

  • SupportPacs, Exits and Installable Services

  • Distributed Queuing

  • Recovering Connections

  • Queue Manager Aliasing and Channel Automation

  • Security

  • Optional Materials

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