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Advanced UNIX Shell Script Workshop

Duration: 3 days

Develop the skills to effectively utilize Korn shell scripting in business applications.

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Course Description:

This course prepares participants to apply advanced UNIX shell scripting techniques. The course builds on an introductory knowledge of shell scripting to cover advanced theory and implementation. Participants will learn to write more powerful and efficient shell scripts as well as time-saving debugging techniques. Hands-on labs will allow participants to gain experience in problem solving and in applying scripting methods.

Participants will learn :

  • Advanced Shell Scripting concepts

  • Establishing a Custom Shell Environment

  • Deploying and Executing Shell Scripts, Working with Files from within Shell Scripts, Gathering and Reporting System Information with Shell Scripts, Task Automation with Shell Scripts, Shell Scripting for System Administration Tasks

  • Advanced Regular Expression Techniques

  • Saving Time at the Command Prompt

  • Additional Control Flow and Signal Tapping

  • Shell Script Debugging techniques

Who Needs to Attend:

Application Developers and Designers, System Administrators and Analysts, Network Managers and Technical Support Personnel or those who want to increase their productivity by taking advantage of Korn shell features in business applications.


Introduction to UNIX for Applications Developers or UNIX (Linux) Shell Scripting or equivalent experience.

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